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‘This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know about’ – Rudyard Kipling
Myanmar is known throughout Asia as “The Golden Land” due to the many Golden Temples dotted throughout the country. Go back generations with a trip to Myanmar where time really has stood still. Myanmar is the original Asia with its creaking buses, roads full of pot holes, and welcoming locals.  Where the modern amenities are not the norm, but you can easily bond with a culture that sees holy men as sacrosanct and the golden Buddha’s dotted throughout the land are bathed every day at first light.
After over 34 years of nearly complete isolation tourism started anew in 1996, when visa regulations where changed and tourist visa were issued with more ease. Though the numbers of tourists increase the country remains one of Asia’s last mysterious and unknown destinations. But step back one street in any city and it is a charming time warp, step outside the towns and time stands still, and many things remain same as the have been for decades or even centuries

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