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Nile Cruise – Lazuli Nile “Dahabiyya”


Cruising the Nile on a traditional sailing Dahibbya | Visit little villages on the edge of the Nile | Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs


6 days / 5 nights


Please contact us for departures dates


On request


  • Luxury cabin on board the Lazuli Nile
  • All meals on board
  • Entrance fees and shore excursions as specified in the itinerary.


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Experience the magic of the Nile on board an intimate ‘dahabiyya’, an old sailing ship of the XIXth century used by the pashas. These beautifully crafted wooden river-going sailboats were common in Egypt in the days of the monarchy, when aristocrats and sophisticated travellers loved to cruise the Nile in style. They rented the boats for weeks at a time, and made their way from temple to temple enjoying the river breeze. The boats had four to ten cabins, bathrooms and a host of servants. The dahabiyya’s were popular amongst those who wished to enjoy Egypt at a leisurely pace, to drink in the landscapes, and peruse the monuments and villages on the riverbanks.  We invite you to recapture those elegant days, by creating a tranquil journey by sail but with modern comforts and conveniences.

The dahabiyyas are propelled by two lateen sails.  Two of these boats that we promote, have six cabins and suites with private facilities. There is a large drawing room and a covered deck with tables and chairs, sun loungers and mattresses to relax on and contemplate the passing countryside. This is a unique way to explore the spectacular sites of Upper and Lower Nile.

Lazuli Nile Cruise

Day 1

Board at Esna, and cruise to El-Hegz.

Day 2 

Cruise to El Kab – the temple where Hathor and Horus used to meet. Visit the Temple of Edfu, dedicated to the falcon god Horus; barbecue on a beach on Fawaza Island.

Day 3 

Cruise to El Ramadi village, Wadi el Chattb, then on to El Silsila.

Day 4

Today’s highlights will include the temple of the Horemheb era, the ancient quarry where the temple stones were extracted, and Kom Ombo Temple dedicated to both Sobek the crocodile god and Haroeris the hawk. Cruise to El Koubania.

Day 5

Visit Koubania then sail to Aswan to visit the Temple of Philae, centre of the cult of the goddess Isis.

Day 6

Your cruise comes sadly to an end.  Disembark after breakfast




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