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Jaiwai – Jaiwai Leopard Camp

Lying at the heart of an untrammelled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free, is JAWAI Leopard Camp; SUJÁN’s latest experiential creation, which opened on 11.12.13. Staying true to our goals for conservation, without compromising comfort, JAWAI Leopard Camp has 8 luxurious tents, each with oodles of space and privacy that rest encapsulated in a landscape surrounded by craggy granite formations of caves, kopjes, Anogeissus scrub and winding sand river–beds.The vibrant Rabari herdsmen who have shared this landscape with wildlife for centuries signify the organic and continuing link between local culture and wildlife, a relationship SUJÁN is deeply committed to nurturing, in the face of rapid change, as a means of fulfilling our commitment to conservation; of cultures and wildlife. These aims are: a preservation of the Earth as a source of life through low-impact eco-tourism, wedding local cultures and communities to this model through commerce and enterprise, and sharing our creation with a partnership of like-mindedness across the world. Our model becomes a method for the preservation of the earth and a SUJÁN camp becomes the centre of a custodianship for our environs.

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