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Devigarh – Devi Garh Palace

Tucked away in the age-old Aravali hills of Rajasthan, (28kms from Udaipur), the glorious 18th century Devi Garh Fort Palace – in the village of Delwara – commands one of the three main passes into the valley of Udaipur. This truly impressive construction commenced in the 1760’s, and today, after years of meticulous restoration and reconstruction, Devi Garh has regained its past glory. An imposing and impressive structure, it is now a unique all-suite boutique hotel, with 39 suites, and renowned for its spa and wellness centre. Devi Garh stands, quite literally, in two worlds: the traditional and the modern. Its ambience is an eclectic mix of skillfully crafted designs, both old and new, functional and purely aesthetic. Local materials like marble and semi-precious stones have been used in contemporary designs to create an elegant beauty. Personalized service complemented by a wide range of modern facilities, including excellent spa facilities, goes towards making Devi Garh a highly comfortable and attractive retreat. The restaurant, along with a magnificent view of the Aravalis, offers an a la carte selection of Asian and Continental dishes.  With their penchant for innovation, Devi Garh have perked up traditional recipes – a secret ingredient here, an unusual addition there – to lend a new dimension to well-loved dishes. All of the 39 suites at Devi Garh are unique; luxurious and beautiful, yet equipped with the most modern of conveniences to make a guest feel totally at home. Most include an individual terrace or garden.

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