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Bandavgarh National Park – Mahua Kothi

Nestled in the vicinity of the breathtaking Bandhavgarh National Park is the first of the Taj Safaris Lodges. The name Mahua Kothi draws inspiration from one of India’s most beautiful trees, the Madhuca Indica, or as it is commonly known, the Mahua or butter tree. Its luscious off-white flowers take centre-stage in many Indian festive rituals, and here, at Mahua Kothi, it is at the centre of many a unique and delightful experience. The lodge sprawls over the 40-acre grounds, around the renowned erstwhile-tented camp, Churhat Kothi, the accommodation and facilities of the lodge blend charmingly into the quaint and rustic surroundings. Walk in to the cosily traditional guest area, with high ceilings, terracotta tiles, overhead fans, a fireplace, huge windows with window seats, beaten Bastar metal and hand-blown glassware. Freshen up in the Comings & Goings room. Step into the open kitchen that lets you in on the simple joys of butter being churned, masala being hand-ground, garden-fresh vegetables being chopped with sickles and rotis being expertly made on a chulha. Catch the jungle breeze out on the 600 sq. ft. verandah, browse leisurely through the Safari Shop, idle away the hours at the library or take a dip in the swimming pool.

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