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Allow us to use our in-depth knowledge to tailor your perfect Greek Island Hopping Experience. If you don’t know where to start, or have an idea of one or two islands you’d like to tour, but are unsure about where to stay or what to do, leave the details to us: simply provide us with your budget and length of stay, and we can put together a customised tour package including ferries or flights and accommodation, plus any tours, transfers or car hire you might need while you’re there.

Whether you’re after history, culture, architecture, shopping, food, beaches, quaint family-run hotels, or high-end luxury, we can plan the perfect Greek Island tour experience for you.

A Unique Travel Experience

Each Greek island, from Corfu to Hydra and Santorini, has a very different character, and touring through them can be almost like visiting different countries. Whether you want a sociable party atmosphere, a relaxing beach holiday, immersion in ruins and natural wonders – or a blend of all three – we’ve got the knowledge and experience to give you a tour that’s tailored perfectly to you. We know the little, out-of-the-tourist-path tours as well as we know the ones you see in the postcards.


Travel between the islands has come a long way since the days when you’d give the captain of an old fishing boat some coins and hunker down next to the catch of the day. Now there are a variety of options, each with their own benefits.

Ferries are comfortable and scenic, allowing you to relax and take in the sights as you travel from one island to another. If you’d like to get there a bit faster, you can opt for a high-speed catamaran. Or, for the most time-efficient option of all, you can fly.

Ferry routes are covered by a variety of companies, and timetables are sometimes changed unexpectedly. This makes booking time-consuming and difficult to manage, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. There are also a number of airlines you can use to navigate the islands, but it can take a while to find out which ones you need for specific locations. Booking your Greek Island tour with Exotic Destinations takes all the stress of organisation out of the trip for you, allowing you to simply relax and immerse yourself in the travel experience.



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