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After many years in the travel industry, we are proud
to have become known as The Turkey, Greece & India Specialists in Australia.

For all of us at Exotic Destinations, unique boutique & luxury journeys are a passion – one that must be shared – in all its joy, wealth of experiences, beauty and magnificence. It is the driving force that enthuses every one of our dedicated staff, adds that extra touch which sets us apart and permeates every aspect of your travel with us. It expresses itself in the care that goes into planning each journey, keeping in mind your exclusive, individual interests.

Our itineraries combine history, culture, opportunities for social interaction, leisure time that allows you to explore on your own. They are creative and comprehensive, and have been specially designed to bring you a complete experience. Most tours have options and extensions that can be added on. Moreover any number of tours can be combined to suit your particular requirement and if you tell us your special interests we will make sure your itinerary accommodates them.

Since cuisine is such an integral part of the flavour of any part of the world, we encourage you to taste the food of the countries you travel to – in all their diversity. A la Carte dining offers the widest variety. The boutique hotels and heritage properties where you stay are very often the best places to get to know the regional palate. Our tour guides and escorts are always at hand to help you choose a restaurant based on your individual preferences.

In fact, one of our most successful features is our exclusive escorts and guides; your one-person contact throughout your journey. Whatever the kind of assistance you require, such as a good theatre, what to buy, or more, you know whom to speak to for a personal solution. Your handpicked guide will look after all the details, leaving you completely free to simply enjoy your travels. More than that they are sensitive to your responses and needs, and able to adapt a set tour to accommodate your interests.

Accommodation is arranged at a blend of unique boutique, luxury, heritage and contemporary hotels. They have all been personally recommended by our quality control team and have been carefully selected, not just for the quality of services offered but the quality of experience.

With so much of each journey to be covered by road we take great care of the quality and condition of the cars we provide. If you are looking for something extra, your vehicle can be further upgraded on request.

Wherever train journeys are part of the itinerary you have the choice. You can opt for your preferred mode of transport. However, though trains, and stations for that matter, are not what you may be used to, the best available class will be reserved for you, so that you can travel in comfort. For air travel we can make reservations with the leading national carriers.

We know our specialty countries, understand their nuances, and this knowledge illuminates your travel, opening doors, allowing you insights, creating opportunities for interaction that may not have otherwise come your way. At every destination your comfort and interest remains assured because we have tried and tested every aspect. A stringent Quality Control department monitors all feedback so that standards are maintained and we continue to provide a matchless travel experience to each and every guest.

As your travel agency, Exotic Destinations outlines an itinerary, organises tours, sees to your comfort, answers your questions. But that is only part of what we do. At Exotic Destinations we plan journeys – journeys of discovery, revelation, realisation; journeys that take you to the end of your particular, personal quest for a truly exotic experience.

Thank you for taking the time to look around our web site, and we look forward to providing you with a very memorable holiday.

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