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The thought of Greece conjures up images of Athens with its crowning glory, the Parthenon, overlooking the city, and the lively Plaka district where it’s fascinating to wander at any time of the day or evening; the splendid ancient site of Delphi, the amazing sight of the ageless monasteries of Meteora, standing between earth and sky atop huge rocks; and of course the characteristic Greek Isles. Everyone knows about the most popular Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Rhodes, but we have also featured some wonderful islands that are not so touristy.

When most people think of holidays in Greece, they think of the Greek Islands. However, the beautiful Peloponnese is considered to be the heart and soul of Greece, and though it has been left off the tourist map, it is as good a place to visit as any ten islands combined. Beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, unparalleled natural beauty, Venetian fortresses and a history as long as civilization. 

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